Launched a new website
Built a Static Website
LBJ Liberty & Justice For All Award • • LBJ Foundation • Jun 2019 - Jul 2019

Designed a microsite for the LBJ Award to house all the award recipients with event photos, videos, press releases, and sponsors. Additionally, the site features the upcoming award, sponsorship information, and live stream (when applicable) of the event.

The LBJ Foundation presents the Liberty and Justice For All Award to those who carry on President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s legacy and commitment to provide opportunity for all. Previously each press release, event details, and final recap was split into multiple blog posts on the LBJ Library website. In 2019 for the 8th award ceremony, we consolidated all 7 prior awards into a new standalone website for historic preservation.

The Pieces:
  • A design matching the print invitations
  • A homepage focused on the upcoming award ceremony and its recipient
  • A page for sponsorship and ticket information
  • A page for each award ceremony featuring the recipients, event press release, videos, and photographs, along with the committees and sponsors